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Last modified, 14/05/2023.


Outlined within the TomasSystems Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, terms "us", "our", "this organisation" and "we" refers to TomasSystems ( The terms such as "account holder", "user, "customer", "client" and "you" refers to yourself as either a customer or visitor of TomasSystems. The site and services available are offered to the user when acceptance is recieved of all outlined terms noted throughout both our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Upon visiting the site, purchasing a product or communicating with staff you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy including any additional terms related to the platform you are viewing. We reserve the right to update our Terms of Service or Privacy Policy without the need to notify visitors or customers. It is the customers responsibility to check the policies for updates.

Customers are required to read both our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Upon purchasing a service, TomasSystems reserves the right to suspend, terminate or cancel any service provided to the customer without reason or notice. If at any stage you disagree with our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy or additional terms you do not have permission to access TomasSystems services.

Collected Information

Upon account registration: your name, company name (where applicable), email address, phone number and your current address.

Upon communicating with us: your name, email address, phone number, support pin, content of message and any attachments.

Payment information: in order to pay for your TomasSystems service, we are required to use third-party payment processors. They may request/require or collect the following information: your name, company name (where applicable), email address, current address and phone number. Any financial data is not stored on our systems or network however we may gain access to certain financial data through the payment processor themselves. When using a third-party payment processor, they store the data requested. In the event of this, please review the relevant payment processor privacy policies below:
  Starling Bank Limited (
  Stripe Payments UK Limited (

Where this data is requested, we will do our best to provide the reasoning to yourself with regards to why the data is required.

Information when using our Services

Cookies & Other Technologies: when you access our service our systems automatically gather information about yourself and how you accessd the service. This also includes device information such as: internet protocol (IP) address, internet service provider (ISP), operating system, refferal/exit pages, timestamps, landing page and referring URLs. In order to gather this information, a "Cookie" may be created or stored on your device; these contain small amounts of data that helps us identify you. In some countries, including ones within the European Economic Area (EEA), the information noted is likely to be considered "personal information" and is protected under data protection laws.

Using the services: when our services are in use, certain information is collected regarding the use of your service. This information includes: processor, memory and storage usage alongside system metric and navigation of the service. We use a redacted version of this data to improve and maintain our infrastructure accordingly. In rare instances, we may again use a redacted copy of your data to generate a business report.

Usage of your Data

The collected information may be used in the following ways:
  To maintain and operate services provided to our clients.
  To gather an understanding of how our services are used.
  To improve and expand our service offerings to be flexible around customers.
  To communicate with you for reasons such as Customer Support, Company Updates or Service Information.
  To process transactions.
  To identify and prevent possible fraud.
  To enforce terms outlined by TomasSystems.


In the event you are provided with a link a third-party service, TomasSystems cannot be held responsible for any policies or practises in use with this service. Additionally, we cannot be held responsible for any "data breaches" that may occur from this third-party.

TomasSystems will always ensure that your personal data is protected to the highest possible standard. However, as with all companies we are unable to guarentee that your data is one hundred percent (100%) protected and one hundred percent (100%) secure. Internally, we have implemented protection measures to ensure that data is not shared where it is not required to be. We authorise the following networks to store personal data on servers managed by us:
  AS58052 (Tomas William Smith trading as TomasSystems)
  AS16276 (OVH SAS)
  AS13335 (Cloudflare, Inc)
  AS213250 (Dominic Scholz trading as ITP-Solutions GmbH & Co. KG)
  AS203446 (Alexander Fiedler)
  AS199654 (Oxide Group Limited)

Your data will only be retained whilst you have an active service with TomasSystems, in the event your account remains inactive (with no outstanding invoices or products) for three (3) months or more your data will be automatically purged from our systems (excluding billing data such as invoices).

Data Sharing

Your data may be shared in the following circumstances:
  Legal Obligations (to ensure compliance with local regulations).
  Fraud Prevention (to ensure we store accurate and up-to-date information).
  Transfer of Business (in the event of a business successor, acquirer or merger).
  Payment Processors (to ensure the processor can process payments according to regulations).
  With Consent (data may be shared with the consent of yourself).

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