Managed Servers

Managed Virtual Server

This plan guarentees KVM Virtualization and an SLA Policy. We will endevour to find the best suited plan for your needs, whether this be a small server to host a few websites or a larger server to host a game server; we will always attempt to find the best location, specification and price for yourself.
Starting at £10.99 GBP /per month.

Managed Dedicated Server

This plan guarentees Fully Dedicated Hardware and an SLA Policy. Whilst options are generally limited when it comes to dedicated servers, we will attempt to locate a specification that suits your needs. Upstream providers for Dedicated Servers have been vigorously tested by ourselves before they are considered as an option.
Starting at £25.99 GBP /per month.

Managed External Server

If you have a server that has been purchased from another provider, we can take over the software management side of such for you. This services includes machine security and software installations where required. Software maintenance is also included in this.
Starting at £10.99 GBP* /per month.
*Starting at £5.99 GBP /per month for our services.

 Enterprise Hardware

When locating a provider for your tailored solution, we always ensure that the hardware provided to us is enterprise-grade or higher to ensure reliability and stability.

 DDoS Protection

Whilst we cannot guarentee all services will include DDoS protection, if required we can help with the additional configuration of a service such as Cloudflare or a GRE tunnel.

 Operating Systems

We've got a range of operating systems available with our Managed Servers, from Debian based distributions to RHEL distributions such as RockyLinux.

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Managed Servers

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